There are many people who made the pages of the Gospels who make a difference without saying a word. The servers at Cana, those who moved the stone for Lazarus, the widow with her copper coin and the four friends of the paralytic to name a few. How can we make a difference for Christ even without saying a word. 

Daily Companion for Peace of Heart

This lovely little book provides you with daily readings taking from the writings of St. John Henry Newman, along with sacred Scripture. Each entry provides you with inspiration and support, with a brief prayer to reflect on your faith and God's incredible love for souls.

The word home appears 30 times in the Gospels and the word house appears 99 times. So much of Jesus' healing, teaching, forgiving and sharing meals takes place not on the shores of the Galilee but in peoples homes. What lessons can we glean from Jesus' presence in the house?

2007 Best Book Award USA/Canada Family Life

We all have questions for God, however...God has some questions for us! I've chosen 25 questions that Jesus poses throughout the four Gospels as a means of invitation, reflection and spiritual growth. 

(2018 Translated into Polish)

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For those who struggle with addictive behaviors and for Caregivers

In 2001 Silent Witnesses in the Gospels was published by Servant Publications and was received with enthusiasm. It opened doors for Allan to speak at conferences,  workshops and parishes. In 2007 the book, Jesus in the House: Gospel Reflections on Christ's Presence in the Home, received the First Place Award by the Catholic Book Publishers Association of the United States and Canada. Allan's writings have been translated internationally and below are the books that followed along with some of the people who have endorsed them.

Three books from the Catholic Book Publishing Corp. 366 daily reflections for young Catholics, Married Couples and a month of mercy.  


April 2021 First Catholic Bible Stories published by the Catholic Book Publishing Corp.

October 2019 Daily Comfort While Grieving Catholic Book Publishing Corp.

August and September 2018 Daily Companion for Healing Addictions and Daily Companion for Caregivers published by the Catholic Book Publishing Corp.

​January 2018 Daily COmpanion for Caregivers Catholic Book Publishing Corp.

February 2017 Daily Prayer Companion for Men -Catholic Book Pub. Corp.

December 2017   25 Life-Changing Questions of Jesus Ave Maria Press

August 2016 "A Month's Journey with the Merciful Jesus" Catholic Book Publishing Corp.
July 2016 "Daily Companion for Married Couples" Catholic Book Publishing Corp.                           April 2014 "Daily Companion for Young Catholics" published by  Catholic  Book Publishing Corp.

March 2013 "Jesus the Evangelist: A Gospel Guide to the New Evangelization"  Franciscan Media       Translated into Polish January 2016 
March 2012 "The Bible's Best Love Stories" is Translated into Italian by San Paolo  Publishing Company and in Brazilian Portuguese 

August 2010 "The Bible's Best Love Stories" with St. Anthony  Messenger Press. 

February 2007 "Jesus in the House: Gospel Reflections on Christ Presence in the Home" St. Anthony Messenger Press
Nov 2001 "Silent Witnesses in the Gospels" Published by Servant Publications


  • Archbishop John J. Myers, Newark, NJ
  • Bishop Arthur Serratelli, Diocese of Paterson, NJ
  • Bishop Grzegorz Ryś  Auxiliary Bishop of Kraków
  • Bishop David L. Ricken of Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • Gerald F. Kicanas, D.D.. Bishop of Tucson
  • Msgr. Joe Chapel, Spiritual Director, Pontifical North American College
  • Dr. Ines Murzaku Professor of Ecclesiastical History and Founding Chair of the Department of Catholic Studies at Seton Hall University
  • Dianne M. Traflet, J.D., S.T.D., Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Administration and Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology at Seton Hall
  • Dr. John Bergsma, Associate Professor of Theology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville.
  • Dr. Scott Hahn, Author, Professor at Franciscan University
  • Lisa Hendy, Author, Editor at large for Ave Maria Press and
  • Fr. Artur Godnarski, Secratary for the International Committee on the New Evangelization, Kracow, Poland
  • Fr. John Morley, Professor of Religious Studies, Seton Hall
  • Sister Mary Joseph Schultz S.C.C., Former President of A.C.S
  • Teresa Tomeo, author, EWTN and Relavant Radion host
  •  Fr. Jim Chern, Director of Campus Ministry Diocese of Newark

                                       A FEW ENDORSEMENTS 

                           FOR ALLAN'S LATEST  BOOK...

As a spiritual director, it becomes evident in the spiritual life,

that it is not sufficient to talk "about" Jesus, but rather, to come

to know Him personally in dialogue with Him.  In this lucid and

accessible work, Allan Wright opens a path to that conversation

by allowing us to meet Jesus intimately as He asks the key

questions about life and faith to each one of us directly.  

This book is such a help to deepening this intimate bond

with Our Lord!” 

Msgr Joseph R Chapel, STD
Spiritual Director, Casa Santa Maria, Pontifical North American College 

I've seen many books that answer people's questions about Jesus, but this is the first one I've seen that asks people to answer Jesus' questions about them.  Whether you're a life-long believer or a just curious about Christianity, this book may help you meet Jesus as if for the first time.”

Dr. John Bergsma, Associate Professor of Theology at the

Franciscan University of Steubenville.

"When Catholics hear the call to a New Evangelization, they often wonder how to go about it. Allan F. Wright shows us how, in very clear and biblical terms, drawing from the original and inspired evangelizers: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Readable and practical, this is a book that will really empower Catholic lay people and Catholic parishes to move, as Allan puts it, from maintenance mode to mission."

Dr. Scott Hahn, Author and Chair of Biblical Theology and the New Evangelization at Franciscan University of Steubenville

"An excellent book written clearly and succinctly by a skilled and inspiring teacher and author. The book centers around twenty-five simple and profound questions that Jesus posed in the Gospels. The book is an invitation to examine and critically evaluate life’s big questions. It is a good exercise for everybody to consider in their spiritual journey and discipleship. Tolle Lege - Take Up and Read!"

Dr. Ines Murzaku  Professor of Ecclesiastical History and Founding Chair of the Department of
Catholic Studies at Seton Hall University

"Whether teaching Parables of Jesus, or leading  retreats or workshops, Allan Wright powerfully engages audiences with the Word of God, launching and accompanying them on a spiritual journey of self-reflection and soul-searching.  Allan's gift for inspirational teaching also shines through in his latest book where he invites us to hear Christ gently questioning us and beckoning us to draw nearer to Divine love.  Unpacking these questions, Allan gives us the tools to respond authentically to Christ's invitation, as we embark not only a journey, but a Divine transformative adventure."   

Dianne M. Traflet, J.D., S.T.D., Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Administration and Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology,
Immaculate Conception Seminary


Daily Comfort While Grieving

Every person while lives will experience loss. Who will be a source of strength and solace to see us through? The daily Scripture or quote, brief reflection and the prayer in the 29th book in our Spiritual Life Series will help you respond with hope and faith to the inevitable suffering and sorrow that come our way and help to heal the brokenness.

While there is no perfect program in evangelization there is the perfect person...Jesus Christ. I examine the Gospels and illuminate how Jesus reached out, listened, challenged people and shared the Good News along with some practical ways that we can implement in out lives. 

AVAILABLE NOW! First Catholic BIBLE STORIES by Allan F. Wright for your little ones. 

Stories from both Old and New Testaments with attractive illustrations on each page. 


Everyone loves a good love story but what is real love from a Biblical perspective and how can we love as God loves today.

Allan F. WrighT


               Husband, Father, Author, Principal of Koinonia Academy, International Speaker

 Adjunct Professor at Seton Hall University, Scripture Teacher for the Missionaries of Charity


Available from the Catholic Book Publishing Company and all online sellers. Daily scripture or quote from a Saint and a brief reflection helping men to stay focused on their faith as well as a short prayer to start the day, grab inspiration in the middle of the day or to reflect with at the end of the day. $8.95

Almost all of Allan's books can be purchased through the publishers and through most online booksellers such as Amazon and B&N