Allan F. WrighT


​                                      Husband, Father, Author, International Speaker, 

Former Academic Dean for Evangelization, Adjunct Professor at Seton Hall University


With Matthew Beardsley and Fr. John Gordon                 With Lisa Hendey at Relevant Radio

Presenting at the School of the New Evangelization in St. Paul, Minnesota

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FOX News Interview                                      The Word Alive and Well TV

Allan's Keynote address at the International Center for Evangelization - Kracow, Poland'
">FOX News Interview at the election of
 Pope Francis with Jonathan Hunt

Always a great time guest hosting on Relevant Radio 1430am from their station in Newark, NJ. 10,000 watts right into the heart of New York City

CDU Webinar that I was involved in...Reflections on the Nativity of Jesus

Parish Lenten Mission OLMt. Carmel of ND

Cedar Knolls, NJ  Evening One and Two


ICE - Poland                                                    Catholic TV Boston, MA