Don't let Covid-19 prevent you, your ministry, your book club or parish from asking Allan to present to you group. Currenly Allan is using Microsoft Teams to teach at Seton Hall University, he is using ZOOM to teach a monthly 'Bible Basic" course to a parish's Faith Formation program and he has presented to the students at Rutgers University for their Campus Ministry program. 

Allan F. WrighT


               Husband, Father, Author, Principal of Koinonia Academy, International Speaker

 Adjunct Professor at Seton Hall University, Scripture Teacher for the Missionaries of Charity


Allan has been asked to give a keynote address on evangelization for the 2016 World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland. The Secretary of the Polish Bishop's Conference Team for the New Evangelization, Bishop Gregory Ryz,  asked on behalf of the

 International Center for Evangelization.


Patrick Madrid comments on Allan's ability to appear on Relevant Radio on short notice and get the job done.  (Check out Relevant Radio 1430am in NJ/NY/CT...the "Tri-state area" and make sure to download their app)

"Allan Wright fills the role of a lefty pitcher who comes in a pitches to only one batter. It may seem short, but it's a role that's very important."

We tend to think of Jesus as the one with all the answers when in fact he is the one with many questions—more than 100 of them in the gospels. Educator and author Allan F. Wright reflects on a quarter of these in 25 Life-Changing Questions from the Gospels.

Wright uses his knowledge of biblical Greek and Hebrew and his understanding of the historical Jesus’ culture to provide valuable insights into these questions. These questions and the issues they raise are just as relevant to Catholics today as they were to Jesus’ first followers.

— John Molyneux, editor-in-chief, U.S Catholic

"Sentire Cum Ecclesia" - "Thinking with the Church"
Allan speaks from the tradition of the Church and has the ability to make the scripture come alive in a way that's relevant and meaningful for today's Catholic. His experience teaching young people and university students also gives him a sensitivity to those who have been away from Christ and the Church. He is comfortable teaching the Contemplative Branch of the Missionaries of Charity as well as those who have been away from the Church for years. 

As a husband and father of four young children he knows that the faith must be lived out in the home in a way that's relevant and meaningful. Not only are Allan's presentations entertaining, informative and inspiring...they make practical connections so that the person or family trying to live out the faith in the providence of their daily lives can find ways in which to live their faith with joy.

Contact Allan at: to discuss topic, dates travel and cost of your program or event

you would like to have him speak at. 

​​Allan has presented at:

​International Center for Evangelization - Kracow, Poland

Mid-Atlantic Catechetical Conference in Baltimore, MD

Diocese of Green Bay Symposium on New Evangelization 

St. Mary's Cathedral, Amarillo, TX

Seton Hall University

Rutgers University

​KEAN University

Texas A&M - St. Mary's College Station

Missionary of Charity Superiors USA and Canada 

Mother Boniface Center, Philadelphia, PA

School of New Evangelilzation - St. Paul's Outreach St. Thomas, MN (Aug 2016)

Diocesan Catechetical Conferences

Legatus Gatherings

Parish Days of Recollection, Communion Breakfasts

Faculty Days of Recollection

ZOOM Faculty Days of Reflection

Shrine of St. Joseph, Stirling, NJ

The NJ Catholic Charismatic Conference
University of Steubenville Youth Conferences

Theology on TAP's in NJ, NY and TX

Rosary Society Gatherings

Knights of Columbus Events

Confirmation Retreats 

Immaculate  Conception Seminary

Parish Advent and Lenten Missions

Rachel's Vineyard Retreats

Silent Retreats throughout the Tri-State area

​Theology of the Body Conferences for parent and teens and a host of other programs.

He has been a commentator on FOX News and has presented before Bishops, Priests, Religious Sisters, Faculty, College and high school students and is perhaps most comfortable speaking to average adults helping them see where faith fits into their lives. Being a father of four young children also gives him insight to the many challenges and opportunities that family

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