Allan F. Wright 
Husband, Father, Author, Teacher and
Academic Dean of Evangelization for the Diocese of Paterson, NJ  

Husband, Father, Author and
Academic Dean of Evangelization for the Diocese of Paterson, NJ

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Sunday's at 3pm EST
Allan will be hosting "Jesus the Evangelist" on Radio Maria

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n's appearance on FOX News
talking about Pope Francis, the role of evangelization and his latest book
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Jesus the Evangelist:
A Gospel Guide to the New Evangelization
What people are saying
"With an engaging style, Allan Wright makes the events and people of the New Testament come alive for his readers. Returning to the biblical witness to the faith of the Church, the author shows how the person of Christ and his gospel can become an exciting adventure for those who seek the truth. With keen insight, he draws us into the new evangelization, not as a program, but as the very mission of the Church in our day."

Most Reverend Arthur J. Serratelli, S.T.D., S.S.L., D.D Bishop of Paterson, NJ

"I appreciate your wisdom in presenting Catholics a concrete tool for embracing the New Evangelization from the Divine Master Catechist and Evangelist Himself, Jesus Christ."

Most Reverend Paul S. Loverde, Bishop of Arlington

"Allan F. Wright has provided a valuable tool for parish evangelization teams, hospitality ministries and adult formation groups interested in actively participating in the Church's mission to call all people to an encounter with the Living Christ."
His Eminence Caridinal Donald Wuerl,
Archbishop of Washington, D.C

"When Catholics hear the call to a New Evangelization, they often wonder how to go about it. Allan F. Wright shows us how, in very clear and biblical terms, drawing from the original and inspired Evangelizers: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Readable and practical, this is a book that will really empower Catholic lay people and Catholic parishes to move, as Allan puts it, from maintenance mode to mission. I recommended this book for both personal and group study, especially in this Year of Faith." 
       Dr. Scott Hahn

Allan will be teaching a course for Catholic Distance University titled
"Jesus: The Master Evangelist"

Available Today Through Catholic Book Publishing
"Daily Companion for Young Catholics"
A daily reflection for each day of the year specifically for young people. A great way to evangelize and get the Word of God into people's hands.
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Published by Catholic Book Publishing Company

Allan speaking about the excellent programs at Immaculate Conception Seminary
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Lauren Green interviews Allan on FOX N
EWS  for his book The Bible's Best Love Stories

Allan presenting at

St. Paul Inside the Walls:

The Catholic Center for Evangelization

Allan, Fr. Paul, Matthew Kelly                      Fr. Paul, Bishop Matthias Koenig, Allan


Fr. Kevin, Fr. Derek, Bishop Serratelli, Papal Nuncio Carlo Maria Viganò, Fr. Paul and Allan
Allan's other books available online although please
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The Bible's Best Love Stories is available in KINDLE

Watch Allan's complete interview on FOX NEWS 'Strategy Room'

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"Allan brings fresh eyes to stories that are familiar to us. Stories not just of couples who entered into life-changing, life-giving relationships but of men and women  who laid down their lives for each other –  and how those human relationships are a mere reflection of the extraordinary, radical, jealous, love that God has with us, his precious creatures."
Fr. Jim Chern: Chaplain at Montclair State & Director of the Campus Ministry Diocese of Newark and Vocation Director for the Archdiocese of Newark, NJ.

 Fr. Jim is the regular Friday guest host on Sirius Radio's 'Catholic Guy' show


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