Allan F. WrighT


               Husband, Father, Author, Principal of Koinonia Academy, International Speaker

 Adjunct Professor at Seton Hall University, Scripture Teacher for the Missionaries of Charity


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First Catholic Bible Stories by Allan F. Wright

Allan'spodcast with the Diocese of Metuchen ​

Video Presentation at SVDP Stirling, NJ Talk #4

Fortiter in re, suaviter in modo

Invite Allan to speak at your next event. Over thirty years of professional teaching experience both in the High School and University classroom,  International speaking experience, frequent guest of Relevant Radio ​​and has been featured as a commentator of Fox News. 


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Check out my latest offering titled, LOCH ARBOUR: A Hidden Life and Tragic Death on the Jersey Shore. It's a work of Historical Fiction based on real events that happened in Asbury Park, West Grove, and Loch Arbour, all on the Jersey Shore. 

This project began when I came across some photographs of my grandmother and great uncles from the early 1900s. One photo of a boy names Louis was a mystery. Through some research, I discovered his life came to a tragic end in 1916. The details emerged through research of local newspapers going back to 1910 through 1916. Whatever happened to the person responsible for Louis' death? The culprit came forward and nothing else was known about him. My story begins out in West Texas, in a hospital room, with a caring nurse at the bedside of a killer. As his story unfolds we find out about the man and tragic events that went down in Loch Arbor.